Recently I have been noticing a trend of foods that shouldn’t be a thing. While these kinds of foods have always been around, I have been seeing more of them lately.

I can thank my two good friends, the executive chef and the food service rep, for showing me pictures of these awful creations. Some they buy, some they don’t.

The latest round included the likes of a Lucky Charms IPA, Sour Patch Kids breakfast cereal and odd flavored Oreos like carrot cake or blueberry cobbler.

The Oreos I understand; I could probably be OK with a few of those, but Sour Patch Kids breakfast cereal? Excuse me a few minutes while I excuse myself to the bathroom.

Maybe I’m old fashioned. Maybe I’m a weirdo these days for liking good, old-fashioned butter pecan ice cream, Cheerios and my beers without cereal flavors in them. My whole family is like that, come to think of it. Maybe we are just boring and need to branch out a bit.

My idea of getting a little wild is putting sprinkles on my ice cream. Makes me feel like I’m back on the playground kicking some dirt around. Maybe I should add some mini marshmallows and chocolate sauce and really kick it up to the stratosphere.

I can tell you I will never try the Sour Patch Kids cereal. But I am open to Reese’s Puffs and Cinnamon French Toast Crunch. I guess it’s a fine line with my taste buds. They draw the line at sour for breakfast.

What are some foods you enjoy that other people think are horribly wrong? An egg from that jar of eggs sitting on a bar top? Day-old hamburgers sitting on a hot plate at the gas station? An egg salad sandwich from your dorm’s food vending machine?

We all have something we really enjoy that people think is weird. I love slathering an oddly huge list of foods in ketchup and my wife thinks I’m a class-A weirdo because of it.

Let me know if you have something weird you like to eat and I will give you a shout out next week and list what it is. Email them over to I look forward to seeing what turns your taste buds on!