Concerning facts, bias

Re: Nelson letter, Feb. 16

In a fact-deprived diatribe Osea Nelson baselessly attacked columnist Laura Hollis for her alleged bias-based column of Feb. 16. First, Hollis is a highly regarded lawyer and journalist with impeccable credentials in the fields of law and public policy with over 25 years of relevant experience in these fields. She deserves respect, rather than baseless attacks.

Nelson accuses Hollis of revealing her “ignorance” and “bias,” alleging that her “biased, unprovable opinions” are “not true,” and claiming his respect for “absolute, fact-driven, provable truth.” Interestingly, throughout the remainder of his letter, Nelson fails to present one single, solitary fact in rebuttal to Hollis’ claims!

I re-read Hollis’ column and fact-checked every single quote she cited from those she was criticizing. Not surprisingly, she was correct on all of them. One can argue with the conclusions she reaches, but not with the facts she referenced.

It is deliciously ironic that Nelson’s admittedly “left of center” attack on Hollis for bias came on the heels of an allegation of a racial hate crime made by black celebrity, Jussie Smollett, who claimed he had been assaulted by two MAGA-hat-wearing people in Chicago. The oh-so-factual mainstream media jumped to report this hate crime with no hint of a challenge as to its truth.

Turns out that Smollett has now been indicted in Chicago for filing a false police report.

The case will presumably go to a jury, but the point is that the bias Mr. Nelson says offends him came from a media so obsessed with Trump hatred that they put all factual investigation aside and immediately began reporting this as a “hate crime.”

Some media commentators now claim that even though Smollett’s charge appears to be false, it doesn’t matter given the “rising number of hate crimes in America” as reported by CNN and others. The problem is that they are relying on biased statistics which count as “hate crimes” all allegations of such events, even when the actual convictions have been declining! Another example of the biased media not allowing facts to get in the way of their narratives.

Other examples abound, most recently the completely unfounded reports concerning the MAGA-hat-wearing youngsters from Covington High School. Many, many more could be cited.

If Mr. Nelson is really concerned about bias prevailing over facts, he might do well to focus on the numerous instances of genuine bias so prevalent in the far left-of-center media.

Vera Cole