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Earlier this year, Sheridan’s new city council members took their oaths of office. Prior to that, they shared their viewpoints with local residents and their future constituents.

During the campaign season, several of the candidates expressed opposition to decisions made by prior and existing council members. Whether the city should fluoridate its water and whether its leaders should have hired a city administrator were two of the top campaign issues.

Now, the new council has voted to issue a survey regarding fluoride and one councilor has introduced an ordinance that would repeal and replace the ordinance that established the city administrator position in the first place.

Some complain that the new councilors simply aim to raise a ruckus, while other constituents have expressed gratitude that the new councilors are responding to what voters said in the 2018 election that they wanted.

Whether you agree with the new councilors or believe they have only taken action to appease the mobs, the public and sometimes heated discussions about issues close to our community benefits us all. The more citizens see their views and concerns expressed by those who represent them, the more it lends our way of life — and our form of government — validity.

These discussions, when done right, may take more time at the forefront, but they prevent the issue we face now, revisiting issues some leaders felt were decided in order to include residents who have felt ignored.

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