Murderer set free

Re: Stand your ground law

Wyoming’s “Stand Your Ground” law, co-sponsored by three of our local representatives has claimed its first victim. Wesley Willow, 29, was shot nine times with an AR-15 rifle. Some of those shots were in the back while the victim was down. The final shot was a single round to the back of the head while Willow was face down on the floor. He was unarmed. This was an execution.

The killer was 32-year-old Jason John. According to witnesses, Willow, in a phone conversation, had threatened to fight John over “an upsetting text message” John sent to Willow’s girlfriend. Jason John is 6-foot-4 and weighs 270 pounds. Willow was 5-foot-7 and 160 pounds. Again, he was unarmed.

Text messages that have been released reveal that John had clearly threatened to kill both Willow and his girlfriend. Today, Willow is dead, and John is a free man. John invoked “stand your ground” as a defense. As such, with all the evidence, and although he has admitted to the killing, he is not required to face a jury. He is immune to prosecution unless the prosecutor can prove that he did not fear for his life. A near impossibility.

Is this the Wyoming our three local sponsors of stand your ground envisioned when they championed this mess of a law? It’s time to face facts, Sheridan: Sen. Bo Biteman, Sen. Dave Kinskey and Rep. Mark Jennings, through either callous self-interest or ignorance of the law have made you less safe.

A self-appointed executioner walks free on Wyoming streets because of their blind adherence to dogma. It is time to rid ourselves of these horrible, dangerous legislators.

David Myers