Protecting natural resources

Re: Programs available

The Sheridan County Conservation District held its annual Tongue River Watershed meeting Feb. 1. I want to share highlights of the meeting and bring your attention to a couple of key programs offered by SCCD.

I am impressed by the plan presented to improve the water quality of the Tongue River watershed. As citizens of this area, we all have the responsibility to be good stewards of the land (and water) we call home. We’re fortunate to have agencies who monitor our water quality and develop plans and programs to improve it; we’re even more fortunate that some of these agencies give us opportunities to do our part through cost-share programs or free services.

SCCD septic systems improvements program offers a 50 percent cost-share assistance for replacement of pre-1973 septic systems. If you have an old septic system near the Tongue River or a tributary (Goose Creek or Prairie Dog Creek), you should contact Carrie Rogaczewski at SCCD or visit their website for eligibility to receive cost-share assistance.

They also provide willow plantings for streambank stabilization free of charge. If you own a portion of land with an unstable streambank on the Tongue River or one of its tributaries, SCCD will plant willows for you as a natural form of streambank stabilization.

I understand the importance of properly functioning septic systems and stable streambanks for the health of the Tongue River watershed. SCCD is proactively seeking landowners to use these valuable programs in order to meet their load reduction targets and improve water quality.

In summary, I am thankful for the private, city, county, state and federal people who work hard to protect our natural resources. I encourage anyone qualifying for these programs to take advantage and assist the SCCD in achieving their reduction goals.

Loren Ruttinger

WWC Engineering


No one to fight for Sheridan in Senate?

Re: Skilled nursing facility

I am a bit confused as to why the skilled veterans nursing facility will not be built here in Sheridan, rather than Buffalo or Casper. We have a veterans hospital here, plus having an awesome county hospital which is in the process of being expanded.

I don’t believe I have seen anything stating why Sheridan has been dismissed — the reasoning behind not having this facility built here in Sheridan. Sheridan has a much larger and better equipped medical hospital than Buffalo. If this facility is built in Buffalo, then they have the cost of transporting patients here to Sheridan to the VA facility or to Sheridan Memorial Hospital if the needed/required care is not available in Buffalo.

To me, anyway, the choice for Buffalo over Sheridan just does not make any sense. Was there no one in the Senate to fight for Sheridan?

Joann Bergstrom