Sheridan’s western history and dramatic mountain vistas make the community of nearly 18,000 Wyoming’s jewel, according to Sheridan County Travel and Tourism.

Sheridan is a meeting place for old-west charm and modern amenities, making it an ideal spot for visitors, residents and business people alike. According to “Images of America: Sheridan,” by Pat Blair, Dana Prater and the Sheridan County Museum, the story of Sheridan takes the archetypal American frontier experience and transforms it into something unique.

In May of 1882, John Loucks contacted engineer Jack Dow of Big Horn City to survey 40 acres that would become Sheridan, according to “Images of America.” Streets and landmarks still boast the names of the earliest residents: Kenneth Burkitt, James Works, George Brundage and Alexander Gould, to name a few. The first passenger train arrived Nov. 18, 1892, and was greeted by 1,000 Sheridan residents. This represented the moment Sheridan became connected to the outside world.

Today, it is the quality of life that draws people to Sheridan.

“For those of us with children, the quality of life here — my husband and I are both able to have good jobs, and there are great schools here — it is a pretty amazing place,” Sheridan County Commissioner Christi Haswell said.

A vibrant nonprofit sector and a thriving business community have maintained responsible growth, ensuring that the town doesn’t dwindle. Sheridan also boasts being “undiscovered” in a way communities across the Colorado front range have been in the last 30 years, creating booming metropolises in a short amount of time.

Landmarks like the Historic Sheridan Inn have been saved time and again by public philanthropists, and years-long efforts to save amenities like the ski lifts at the Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area are finally paying off.

Sheridan is home to state-of-the-art facilities like the Sheridan County YMCA, with construction underway on a new aquatic center, and Whitney Rink at the M&M’s Center boasting youth hockey leagues and ice skating in a brand-new indoor building.

There are limitless outdoor recreational opportunities in the Bighorns just a short drive from town.

“All of these things, and the quality of life, are what makes Sheridan such a great place,” Haswell said.