Relocation checklist

With new industry moving in to Sheridan and others expanding, people moving to the area will likely have a list of things to check off as they settle into their home.


√ Find a new dentist

There are plenty of options for people seeking dental work in Sheridan. Whether one is looking to have a typical cleaning or something more complex, professional orthodontists and aspiring dental hygienists at Sheridan College provide individuals with a multitude of options.

Mary Sandy, a dental hygiene instructor at SC, said patients should ask these questions when looking to have dental work done:

♦ Does the office take insurance? If so, which insurances does the dental office take? If the person doesn’t have insurance, does the office take personal payments, or often, a payment plan?

♦ What are personal experiences of other patients at the office? Reviews are always helpful.

♦ What is the dental office’s reputation in regards to dental care, treatment and quality of work? Once again, reviews are helpful.

♦ Does the office have a professional atmosphere, from personnel to appearance? First impressions through a phone call or stop in is a great way to check out an office.

♦ How does the office handle dental anxiety? Dental fear? Patient comfort? Example: use of local anesthetic, headphones, TV, etc.


√ Pick  a realtor

The housing market in Sheridan is unique. According to, the median cost of a home in Sheridan is $234,400, slightly higher than the $221,500 national average.

Dixie See, who has been involved in real estate for nearly 30 years, has seen the ebbs and flows of the market firsthand and said it’s currently on the uptick.

See encourages people to do their homework when scouting homes and the realtors in charge of selling those homes.

“You need to interview your realtor,” See said. “I tell them to ask (a realtor) how long they’ve been in the business, and what their main priority is. Also ask things like, ‘What kind of education do they have?’


√ Research plumbers, electricians and other service providers

Once a home is purchased, it will likely need work done on it at some point. Homeowners should be aware and do their due diligence when scouting for people to perform maintenance, such as electrical work and plumbing on their home.

“You have to find a well-established company and somebody who’s going to stand by their work,” said an electrician who has worked in Sheridan for more than 30 years.

Sheridan offers a few different internet and cable providers with technicians that will come to one’s house to set up service.

Multiple highly-reviewed mechanics call Sheridan home, giving residents plenty to choose from when seeking work on their car.

√ Sign up for activities

Sheridan offers an abundance of opportunities to become involved and active. Sheridan Recreation District and Sheridan County YMCA offer multiple avenues for new residents to engage with other townsfolk and stay active.

The recreation district aims to offer athletic and outdoor education programs year-round.

“Our mission statement is to provide quality programming and quality facilities to allow for safe activities for youth and adults in the community,” said SRD Executive Director Seth Ulvestad.

The recreation district offers adult leagues for numerous sports and even more for youth sports and outdoor programs for children.  SRD also encourages people not looking to participate in a sport to consider volunteering their time as youth coaches or to help out as a paid official.

The YMCA features youth and outdoor programing, as well. The building houses multiple pools, three gymnasiums, a weight room and classrooms for educational and recreation use.

“We offer large-town amenities to a real small town,” Sheridan YMCA Executive Director Liz Cassiday said. “… When people move here they say, ‘I can’t believe this YMCA is in a town this small, so it’s a point of pride.”


√ Research schools

The community of Sheridan offers many educational options from preschool to college. Each school district and private school  offers a variety of amenities to fit each family. Students seeking a higher level of schooling after high school can remain in Sheridan and attend Sheridan College, which offers numerous areas of study.

Assistant Superintendent at Sheridan County School District 2 Scott Stults indicates these are some of the questions people have when seeking educational opportunities for their child:

♦ How do your school and students rank in comparison to other schools in the state?

♦ How do you help kids transition from elementary to junior high, and from junior high to high school, and finally from junior high to post-secondary schooling?

♦ What are your class sizes?

♦ What kind of support services, such as counselors, does the school provide?

Numerous schools in Sheridan County are  National Blue Ribbon Schools, schools that have achieved high levels of student achievement or made significant improvements in closing the achievement gap among student subgroups.

Sheridan’s school system offers advanced classes starting in the third grade and partners with Sheridan College on post-secondary options.

“We encourage parents to communicate with teachers and administrators,” Stults said. “We are here to help answer questions, and parents can never communicate enough and can’t ever ask too many questions.

“We want them as parents, when they drop their child off, to feel confident and comfortable that their child is safe and has the best education possible.”

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