The Tongue River Valley Community Center provides a little bit of everything for just about everyone. From a recreation center and gym to classrooms and exhibits, the center aims to cater to each one of its members.

“We are a place where people can come recreate, be educated, socialize and get some cultural opportunities,” TRVCC executive director Erin Kilbride said. “We are a place where people can come and be healthy and meet people.”

The TRVCC has two locations — one in Ranchester and a newer one in Dayton. At first, the Ranchester location was intended to be temporary. However, in 2005, when the Schools Facilities Commission decided to erect a new high school in Dayton, the community center seized the opportunity to commandeer the old school for a center in Dayton.

But with the community center in Ranchester doing so well at the time, both locations remained opened and now provide double the programming.

Both locations have their own unique offerings. The Dayton center has a large gym that can be utilized for basketball, volleyball and pickleball tournaments. The Ranchester location provides a more quaint environment best suited for youth and senior programs throughout the week.

“Truly, with both centers, we can provide and do a lot of things that follow our mission,” Kilbride said.

A membership to either location, Dayton or Ranchester, is good at the other location, as well as the YMCA in Sheridan.

The one area that program director Chad Aksamit and the staff always keep a close eye on is programming for middle and high schoolers. The community centers would like to increase that sector of service.

“Annually, we look at what we can do to shore up those programs that are lacking participation,” Aksamit said.

The TRVCC works closely with The Hub on Smith to enhance its offerings for the senior population. The center runs a bus to and from The Hub to allow its elderly population to interact with similar-aged people in Sheridan.

The TRVCC is truly a multi-purpose facility. It allows people of all ages to engage in numerous activities and fosters an environment for people new to the area to interact with locals who have been rooted in the community for years.