Wouldn’t it be nice?

Re: Political climate

Wouldn’t it be great if more of ur politicians voted for the good of their country instead of their political party?

It would be good if our federal judges were known for being learned in the law rather than as liberal or conservative. I miss many of the World War II veterans, who used to be president, who most of the time acted presidential and did what was best for our country.

Maybe we will someday do what is best for our country all of the time.

Gene Roelfsema



Dinosaurs clinging to power

Re: Party affiliation bill

Ideological party politics should, and will be, relegated to the ash heap of history within a generation. But, the dinosaurs continue to cling to power, as illustrated by Senate File 160, which aims to limit our voting rights and is an insult to independent Wyoming thinking.

We don’t need a bunch of out-of-state carpetbaggers telling us how and when we can vote. Please call your house representative at the legislative hotline 307-777-8683 and tell them to vote no on this ill-conceived idea.

Dave Clarendon



Praise for local treatment

Re: Sheridan VA system

Over the past few years, many ailments have plagued me, and while I have received treatment from a variety of physicians and hospitals, both here and around the country, most treatments afforded me by various doctors and hospitals have never equaled or come close comparatively to what I have received in our local area, specifically Sheridan and Billings. Having never doctored in Casper, I cannot offer an opinion on what is offered there.

Almost all of the treatment I have received of late has been directly associated with our local Sheridan Veterans Affairs Health Care System. Even praise like “above and beyond” hardly gives adequate justice to the attention, caring and downright concern displayed by every person (volunteer or professional) I have encountered there. We should count ourselves extremely fortunate indeed to have the caliber of this facility and its caregivers so close. Not only is everyone courteous and helpful, they, seemingly, go out of their way for explanations, scheduling timely appointments but also reminding me of upcoming ones (a courtesy not lost on a forgetful old man).

There is an old saying that essentially says, “treat others the way you would want to be treated.” Maybe any who complain about treatment they receive at our VA need to take a closer look at the treatment they themselves are handing out. Respect and/or courtesy given is usually rewarded by respect/courtesy in return.

John Yeager