Callous assumptions

Re: Cole letter on abortion laws

Mr. Charles Cole’s (Feb. 2 letter, The Sheridan Press), attempt to equate Nazi euthanasia programs to the present abortion rights law in New York and pending Virginia law, makes a callous assumption that a woman carrying a baby to full term wants to abort the baby.

Yes, in the old days when doctors did not have the medical advances to monitor the health of the baby and the mother, there were stillborn births or babies dying shortly after birth as well as dead mothers with complications of childbirth. Fortunately, most of us never have to consider these life and death choices with childbearing. I believe the decision is best made between a mother and her doctor.

Kathy Ahrens



Legislators signaling to donors

Re: Anti-immigration bills

Once again, Sheridan residents get to watch their elected officials ignore the issues that have real impact on Wyoming residents (economic diversity, education funding, climate change, etc.) in order to waste time, money and airtime pushing bogus bills whose only purpose is to signal to far right donors which team they’re playing for.

A great example — out of so many — is HB0105, the anti-sanctuary city bill recently touted by Sen. Bo Biteman, Rep. Mark Jennings and Sen. Dave Kinskey. This bill would have supposedly outlawed “Sanctuary Cities” in Wyoming. It is unclear whether these legislators actually understand what the bill would/could do, or the actual definition of a sanctuary city. I mean, we know they didn’t write the legislation. They either copied it and pasted it from ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) or from some other state legislature. So they try to sell a useless bill with either outright lies or their own ignorance.

So, let’s clarify. If Sheridan were to become a Sanctuary City, this would involve no changes in any laws. It would not involve breaking federal laws. It would not even involve interfering with federal law enforcement. It would simply mean that this community would not use its resources to aid ICE in its duties. City police and city jails would not be used to support federal agencies’ objectives.

Now, we know why this disinformation is being presented: these legislators, who scoff at any federal program as government overreach and a denial of states’ rights (Medicare expansion, the ACA, etc.), are happy to throw out these supposedly deeply held beliefs as long as the policy is in line with the current brand of right-wing anti-immigrant xenophobia.

This is the opposite of so called “virtue signaling.” The bill didn’t even make it out of committee. It wasn’t designed to. It simply existed for its sponsors (Jennings and Biteman among them) to signal to their donors that they are happy with Gestapo-like federal overreach as long as it only hurts brown people. Wyoming deserves better.

Josh Hanson