SHERIDAN — Samantha Nixon started her third year as a councilor for Ranchester this year. She was unable to attend the swearing in of fellow councilors Randy Sundquist and Jessica Weaver Jan. 2 and instead submitted answers via email to questions presented to all the council members at the meeting.

Before starting her current term, Nixon served on council for all but six months of a term spanning from 2008 to 2012.

Nixon is a born-and-raised Tongue River Valley resident who attended Sheridan County School District 1. She chose the same upbringing for her children.

“I think that being an active member in your community is a great way to shape the community into the type of place not just for my children but for all families in the valley,” Nixon said.

“One of the best ways to effect change is to have a voice.”

The Highway 14 entryway project, including grant writing and community input, was started during Nixon’s first term.

“I appreciated hearing the views of all different subsets of members in the community, from senior citizens to business owners to the school district,” Nixon said. “Projects that bring ideas rom all members of the community are what I appreciate the most.”

As member of the Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board, Nixon excitedly anticipates the potential for economic growth associated with the completion of the natural gas line to Ranchester.

A master plan is also in the works among Ranchester’s council, including updates to picnic pavilions, grounds surrounding town hall and bathroom facilities around town.

Nixon is currently a long-term substitute teacher at Tongue River Middle School.