For the last several years, The New York Times has offered a list of places to go in the new year. Many places listed make you daydream while at the office, distracting you with fruity drinks and beautiful beaches.

Other locations include attractions like archaeological landmarks, rich culture, flavorful foods and heavenly wines.

This year, the list features destinations like Panama; Munich, Germany; the Setouchi Islands in Japan; the Azores in Portugal; and many other places, including Wyoming.

For some, the news that Wyoming made a list alongside other day-dream worthy spots will come as bad news. Many like to keep our beautiful state a secret. More people could mean more problems.

But, alas, The New York Times staff chose Wyoming as place to see in 2019.

The article notes that 2019 will mark “a sesquicentennial celebration of women’s suffrage in the Equality State.” That’s right, in 1869, the Territory of Wyoming passed the first law in U.S. history granting women the right to vote. Now that’s something to celebrate.

We’re joining the fun to mark the occasion. On April 12, The Sheridan Press will present the FAB Women’s Conference. We’ve decided to go all out. Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Big Magic,” will keynote the event. She’ll also speak to students at Sheridan College while she is in town.

We closed out the early bird ticket sales for the event and took a break to recoup. We’ll relaunch ticket sales in the next couple weeks with more options. We’ll also announce and celebrate more of the speakers who will join us for the conference.

In addition, we’ll kick off nominations for the FAB Woman of the Year award. Each year we’ve recognized women in the community who go above and beyond, and this year will be no different. Start brainstorming the amazing women in your world and get ready to nominate them. We’ll open nominations by the end of January.

Past winners of the award have included Dixie Johnson, Tempe Murphy, Michelle Edwards, Ada Kirven, Carmen Rideout and Erin Kilbride.

Keep watching for updates on the FAB website, You can also track news about the conference on the event Facebook page.

While it’s great to see Wyoming recognized as one of the best places to see this year, we already knew that to be true. So grab a cup of your favorite brew, and cheers to what’s to come in 2019.