House of thieves

Re: Congressional Democrats

On Jan. 8, I saw President Trump explain to the American people why he wants to build the border wall, along our southern border, to protect the American public. The Democrat response from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer was pathetic. A few years ago, the top-tier Democrats supported building a southern border wall.

They included: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

However, now that Donald Trump is president, these same Democrats oppose any wall along our southern border. Pelosi called the wall “immoral” while offering President Trump one dollar to build the wall.

These Democrats had no problems funding the wall when Obama was president. They had no problem when Obama sent $150 billion to the Iranian mullahs. They had no problem squandering $56 billion American tax dollars in foreign aid giveaways in 2018. Now that Donald Trump is president, the Democrats can’t afford $5.6 billion to protect American citizens.

Benedict Arnold would be proud of today’s Democratic Party.

In the Holy Bible, Matthew 21:13, Jesus said: “And he saith to them: It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves.”

John Fafoutakis



Disappointment with article

Re: Water year measurements

I was disappointed with The Sheridan Press article about snowfall on Jan. 5 because reporters didn’t use the National Weather Service’s method of recording snowfall.

The National Weather Service does not use the customary calendar year of January to December to record snowfall data. It uses the calendar year of July to June for snowfall because the annual recording of that data needs to include the entire snow season. Reporting snowfall for the customary calendar year would include parts of two different seasons yields misleading information.

The NWS Sheridan office was closed after 1995 and after a few years, no official snowfall amounts have since been recorded. If one goes to the National Weather Service site to get snowfall data, the record snowfall year for Sheridan, as recorded by the NWS, is from July 1954 through June 1955 with a total of 128.8 inches. Volunteers are used now for snowfall data recording, but it is not official and you will see it as missing on the NWS records.

The National Weather Service does use the customary calendar year of January to December for precipitation and temperature because the annual recording of those data isn’t affected by what months they occur.

Measuring of temperature, precipitation and wind still occurs at the Sheridan County Airport for the National Weather Service. 

Just thought you should know.

In addition, a less well-known calendar year of October to September, the “water year,” is used by the United States Geological Survey for water because the recording of that data needs to include moisture that falls in late autumn and the winter snow accumulation that drains in the following spring and summer snowmelt.

Rich Urbatchka