SHERIDAN —The Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board held its first meeting of the new year Wednesday, marking the appointment of several recently-elected local officials to the board.

Newly-elected county Commissioners Nick Siddle, who is appointed to the SAWS board through 2022, and Christi Burgess Haswell, who is appointed to the board through the next year, took over for retired county Commissioners Steve Maier and Bob Rolston. New city Councilors Aaron Linden, who is appointed to the board on a four-year term, and Jacob Martin, who is appointed to a one-year term, took over for Councilors Patrick Henderson and Richard Bridger on the board.

The new board also appointed its officers for the coming year.

The SAWSJPB chairman generally alternates between a city and county official each year, and the board elected county Commissioner Tom Ringley to take over from city of Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller as chairman in 2019; the board elected Miller as vice chairman.

City Councilor Jacob Martin was elected treasurer of the SAWSJPB and county Commissioner Nick Siddle was elected secretary of the board.

The board voted to approve an amendment to its contract with Entech Engineering, Inc., which serves as a consultant to the board, that will increase the spending limit of the agreement. The original contract stipulated that the board would pay Entech a maximum of $10,000 for its services and the amendment the board passed will increase that maximum by another $10,000. SAWSJPB Project Manager Dan Coughlin said the board has already spent roughly $8,900 of its original allotment for the contract.

Entech’s primary objective in its agreement with SAWS is to facilitate the board’s purchase of shares of the Park Reservoir Company. Coughlin said the agreement has led to the purchase of 89 shares so far, which he classified as a success.

The board has been purchasing shares from Park Reservoir since 2015 in an effort to grow SAWS’ back-up water supply and prepare for the region’s continued growth. The board began purchasing shares as part of a larger project to acquire approximately 2,000 shares of Park Reservoir, which would amount to about 360,000 gallons of reserve water.

The board also accepted a treasurer’s report of the SAWSJPB’s finances from Oct. 5, 2018, through January 6. The report places the total value of the SAWS system at $38,381,527 with a total budget of $1,109,904. That places the board’s finances $657,398 below budget to date.

The SAWSJPB will hold its next meeting May 8.