Life is sweet

At Bonafide, we try to make it just a little sweeter, and sometimes savory, or crunchy, or just smothered in bacon.
As most of you know, doughnuts are old-fashioned classic treats made from fried or baked dough, topped with a glaze or simple topping and, sometimes, to our horror, plain….

Now donuts — they are the fastest trending early morning, midday and late-night treat all across the globe. You can find them in so many different varieties it seems endless.

Just follow any Instagram or Pinterest feed, and the ideas are never-ending. Famous folks opening shops, Voodoo and all those special Pink Box stores. Cronuts, ice-cream sandwiches, cheeseburgers — so many darn things to do with that ring of goodness.

We set out to bring just a little bit of all that — and some food truck flair — to this little corner of Wyoming.

We derive inspiration for our handcrafted rings and bars of deliciousness from many sources but most especially our patrons: kids birthday requests, our fan favorites and the occasional unicorn.

As the “Lady in the Truck,” “Miss Anto,” “That Bonafide Girl,” I’ve earned a number of monikers from small kids and local teens the adoration and occasional soul crushing disappointment of members of our awesome sweet loving community.

I have the great fortune of peering out at the eager guests looking into the window to see their favorites are there or just what happens to be left.

You see, we are a small craft company, and we have limits on what we can produce. So, each person who gets to satisfy the craving makes us happy.

The hardest thing about selling out?

The faces, the literal smiles turned into frowns, the meltdowns of tiny sugar craving kiddos, and the wide-eyed realization as you get close that you have missed out for the day — or the grin from ear to ear that you get the very last custard filled fresh berry topped Bavarian of the Day.

We spend hours pouring over pictures, thinking about just the right sprinkles and flavor combos.

Will you eat a mango jalapeno donut? A chocolate pretzel, or a basil and dried cherry tomato? Yes you will…hallelujah! 

Whatever your donut dreams, specialized flavors, gluten free and more ,we hope that you will continue to special order. Stop by the truck and bring your friends and family a reason to celebrate the sweetness that is a Bonafide experience!

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By Antonia Armenta-Miller

Justin Sheely | The Sheridan Press
Antonia Armenta-Miller prepares food in the Bonafide Kitchen on Main Street.

By |Jan. 8, 2019|

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