End the shutdown

Re: Federal government

$174,000 annually. This is what Sens. Enzi and Barasso and Rep. Cheney are paid — each. That amounts to $476.71 a day — each and every day. They are not included in the government shutdown. Take $476.71 a day away from each of them and they may work more diligently to end the government shut down. To quote The Sheridan Press Dec. 29 editorial: “Save your bickering; pass a budget. Do your job.”

Kay Pearson



Gridlock not a strategy

Re: Government shutdown

I urge Sens. Barrasso and Enzi to reopen the government. Wyomingites are suffering. As the senators know, we have a lot of federal workers here and they don’t deserve to pay the price for Congress’ inability to stand up to the bully in the White House.

President Trump has not spent the money allocated to him by Congress last year for his border security projects. His holding his breath and stamping his feet are simply theater. The Senate already passed a continuing resolution. Pass it again and put this in the president’s lap. Make him own this shutdown. This partisan nonsense has to stop.

The media propaganda machine cannot be the measure of our government. More gridlock is not a strategy, it’s a tragedy. My elected officials know the wall is just a prop to keep the story off the Mueller investigation. Don’t play along. Asking $5 billion for the wall is ridiculous. There is funding available for more border security. It was supported by Democrats in the past and it will be again. Fund the government.

David Myers


By |Jan. 3, 2019|

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