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Part I: Despite coal’s image problem, world likely to continue relying on traditional energy sector

The first in a series of articles on the local and regional energy sector titled “Big Bang: The boom and bust energy industry.”

Part II: Memories of old mining town still vivid to some

Stories and memories of the mining towns that shaped the lives of past residents and Wyoming’s energy economy.

Part III: Sector faces ongoing challenges in U.S. politics

Explore the political implications of Wyoming’s energy economy and its relationship with state and national political plans.

Part IV: Sector ties Wyoming with Pacific coast

Questions raised in the public and private sectors have prompted a national conversation on how best to balance the economic needs of the American West with the overall health of the natural environment.

Part V: Engineering across the globe, coming home to Big Horn

They have lived a life envious to some, getting paid to work while traveling the world, the Heids noted there have been difficulties. Particularly in the early years of his career, there were no cell phones, fax machines, Skype or email access. Instead, he would often drive 50 miles from a remote drilling location to a phone to call his family, only to find no one home.


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