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SHERIDAN— The Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Story Fish Hatchery stocked 275 11-inch golden trout in Mavrakis Pond on Thursday.

In light of the recent good survival of the breeding fish, WGFD personnel were able to stock out extra fish that were no longer needed for egg production. Story Fish Hatchery has the only captive brood stock of adult golden trout in the United States.

Golden Trout are a unique species normally only stocked in Wyoming’s remote alpine lakes. Anglers find these elusive fish a challenge to catch in the hard to reach areas. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department decided to stock golden trout in a location that’s more accessible to the public.

“We wanted to stock these fish in a location to give anglers who normally would not fish in the wilderness areas an opportunity to catch one of these beautiful fish,” Sheridan Fisheries Supervisor Paul Mavrakis said.

“Through years of hard work we have developed our successful golden trout program. We are now fortunate to have these golden trout to stock and provide a unique opportunity for anglers in the Sheridan area,” Story Fish Hatchery Superintendent Steve Diekema added.

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