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SHERIDAN — The Cowboy Joe Club held its evening with the Cowboys on Wednesday. It was a full house with four coaches from the University of Wyoming along with Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Operations Kevin McKinney and UW Director of Athletics Tom Burman.

Each coach spoke to the crowd thanking the fans for all of their support. According to Brian Morgen and Pete Carroll, members of the board of directors for Sheridan’s Cowboy Joe Club, this is one of the best turnouts they have ever had at the event.

“I think that the biggest statement that I can make is to say thank you to our fans,” University of Wyoming head women’s basketball coach Joe Legerski said. “We know that the University of Wyoming fans stretch across the state and I know that road goes both directions. This is an opportunity for us to come out here and thank our fans for supporting us.”

The University of Wyoming athletic department staff emphasized to the crowd how thankful they are for the support they get.

“Outreach is one of the most important essential things in Wyoming because we are so spread out and so hard to get to,” University of Wyoming head basketball coach Larry Shyatt said. “If you’re a basketball coach we are nearly impossible to get to between November and March. This is really one of the only ways that we can say thank you to the people who care and who love the same thing we love, it’s really a matter of saying thank you and rubbing elbows with those who care.”

When McKinney introduced Legerski, the entire crowd gave him a standing ovation.

To start the 2013-2014 season off the Cowgirl basketball team played their first game here in Sheridan last November. It was a sold out event. Legerski thanked Sheridan High School’s athletic director, Don Julian, for making it possible for fans to go to both the football game and basketball game.

“For three years we have made it to the semifinals and now it is time to get over that hurdle and get to the championship game for post season play,” Legerski said. “With the crew we have developed the girls are looking to 21 wins next year instead of 20 wins.”

The new football head coach for the University of Wyoming, Craig Bohl had the crowd engaged throughout his speech. He promised to return Cowboy football back to national prominence.

“Everyday it is a great privilege to work at this school,” Bohl said. “I walk out onto the field and I see those bowl games up there: Sugar Bowl, Gator Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and Holiday Bowl that the Cowboys won and, you tell me, why can’t we turn Cowboy football back to this state.”

Bohl’s opening statement sent the crowd roaring and applauding about his plans for the UW football team.

“We are going to make a promise this year,” Bohl said. “We have six players from Wyoming, we have four players from Germany, a guy from Sweden, a guy from Canada, what the heck is wrong with that picture?”

“I am looking for those hard working ranch kids who just dream of playing on the Wyoming Cowboy football team, that is where I start my process,” Bohl said.

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