Wine Fest coming; Red Kettle success

Come March 7, the Downtown Sheridan Association will hosts its annual Wild West Wine Fest. It’s the 15th year as the primary fundraiser for DSA, the organization that preserves our historic downtown, keeps it attractive, hosts the farmers’ markets, the Third Thursday Street Festivals and the Christmas Stroll, among other activities.

It’s always a festive event.

Tickets, info and sponsorship opportunities: Stacie Coe, 672-8881.

It’ll be at Warehouse 201.


Next Sunday, it’s the Super Bowl, ‘tween “our” Broncos and Richard Sherman’s team.

Some Super Bowl trivia: This will be the seventh Super Bowl for Denver. Who scored the first-ever Bronco Super Bowl touchdown? Answer below.


I see by the paper…..

• For the first time ever, most members of Congress are millionaires. So says a new report from the Center for Responsive Politics. Some 268 members of Congress have an average net worth of $1 million or more.

• One of Iran’s news agencies, Fars, reports how the National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden has offered “incontrovertible proof” that the U.S. is being run by a “shadow government” composed of “space aliens.”

• From the “only in America” file. An Oregon pimp stomped a client’s face, using his Nike Air Jordan sneakers. Arrested and convicted, he received a 100-year prison sentence. He has filed suit against Nike, saying the company failed to warn him that its product (the sneakers) were a dangerous weapon. His jail term has also caused him “mental suffering” and wants financial recompense from the shoemaker.


The Notebook’s been keeping score of The Sheridan Salvation Army successes. The Red Kettle Drive got off to a slow start, courtesy of some bitter early-December weather, but rallied and some $60,000 was raised. That’s a bunch of coins and dollar bills, for certain.

There was a bell ringing “challenge” issued to businesses and civic groups whose volunteers picked a Saturday in December and had their volunteer members ring bells throughout the city. Each group rang for one-half day in two hour segments.

The winner – Cornerstone Church, pastored by Tony Foreman.

But it was close, so says Salvation Army Lt. Kim Warriner. The Sheridan Gunpowder & Buckskin Rotary Club finished second. There will be an awards banquet May 10 and a plaque will be presented.

Other participating groups in the Red Kettle endeavor who merit a dose of ink: Cottonwood Properties, The Honor Society, Sheridan County Workers, Trinity Lutheran, First Presbyterian, Sheridan Salvation Army Advisory Board.


Super Bowl answer……

Rob Lytle scored on a one-yard plunge in the Broncos’ 27-10 loss to Dallas in Super Bowl XII in New Orleans on Jan. 15, 1978.


Shop Sheridan, this weekend!


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