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Three events of note, for this glorious late summer weekend.

• First off, all three local high schools – Sheridan High School, Big Horn High School, Tongue River High School – have home games Friday afternoon and evening. Check The Sheridan Press for times and opponents.

The Best of the West BBQ Fest, a sanctioned barbecue competition from the Kansas City Barbecue Society, will be Friday and Saturday at the Whitney Plaza, near the Sheridan Ice Rink. Also, it’s the annual Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Brewfest, presented by Fremont Toyota. The brewfest features the tasting of 16 microbrews for $25 with a 3 p.m. start.

The Sheridan County Airport is having an open house and fly-in on Saturday, Sept. 7, starting at 8 a.m., and hosted by the Sheridan Pilots Association. Included in the free day of activity are tours of the airport, aviation career opportunities, and a variety of aircraft on display, including vintage aircraft. Dale Hall from Kennon Aircraft Covers, one of the movers-and-shakers of the event, sent a photo of a 1943 Beech 18/C-45. They were in production from 1937 to 1969, says Dale.




Come Saturday, The Brinton Museum in Big Horn opens the About 6” by 6” exhibition. Some 130 artists working in a variety of mediums will be featured through Oct. 31. The genre of miniature painting in Western culture can be traced back to the 16th century, according to curator Kenneth Schuster.




Dept. of incidental info…….

Some 29 people last year donated $50 million or more each in philanthropic gifts, according to the publication, Philanthropy Chronicle. There’s more money coming into various charities and nonprofits as the economy recovers, but the median gift from the top 50 givers — $61 million — is down from $74.7 million of 2007.

Margaret A. Cargill, the low-key agri-business heiress, died in 2006, but it’s taken six years to give away her money. She still tops the list with a $6 billion bequest to two foundations. William S. Dietrich II, a steel executive, gave $50 million to benefit education. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and financier George Soros and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg rank 3-4-5.

New to the list are Google co-founder Sergey Brin, donating almost $62 million away last year to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, an organization that fights Parkinson’s Disease.




All the noise about the singer Miley Cyrus’ overexposed, controversial “twerking” routine at the MTV Awards recently has got syndicated columnists, bloggers and professional talkers in a lather. There’s no shortage of opinions regarding the performance.

It reminds of a story about Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who had a break-out hit, “Achy Breaky Heart” in 1992. The song was played so much it was translated into more than 100 languages. So……


Two men are about to be executed. The executioner asks the first man, “Do you have a last request?”

“Yes, sir,” the condemned man replies. “I’d like to hear my favorite song, ‘Achy Breaky Heart,’ one more time.”

“And what about you?” the executioner asks the second condemned man.

“Shoot me first.”

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