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Re: Proposed riparian rules flawed

The riparian restriction proposal is flawed in many ways. There have been water quality issues brought up in the past and the county commissioners may be accountable to the Department of Environmental Quality. But in consideration of the recent updating of the countywide septic restriction requirements and the building restrictions in designated flood plain areas, the issue relating to water quality and Sheridan County residents, especially those residents who live along stream frontage, has already been adequately addressed.

In my opinion, the county commissioners should take a very conservative approach to restricting the rights of ownership by county residents and be especially sensitive with regard to the desires of residents who live along class one, two and three streams who will be most affected by the riparian restriction proposal.

Until further evidence definitively demonstrates that more restrictions are needed the county commissioners should take a “wait and evaluate” approach relating to implementing additional riparian restrictions.

Simply stated, with the implementation of recent septic restriction requirements which were in addition to building restrictions in designated flood plain areas Sheridan County has not allowed enough time to elapse to see if further restrictions (like the riparian restriction proposal) is warranted.

The County Comprehensive Plan will remain in effect and its directives can be revisited at any time. If the DEQ raises issue or identifies problems relating to the water quality in the future then at that time further action by the Sheridan County commissioners could be initiated.

I hope the county commissioners will seriously consider the basic principles of why our country was founded (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) including the right of private land ownership.

Our forefathers came to this country to escape the confines of an over burdening government.


Mark Steingass



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