Vote to uphold the Constitution

Re: Mark Jennings for Legislature

Last year Wyoming legislature passed SF 104 catching most of us off guard with the speed our vote could be lost. We wondered how the legislature of any state, but especially ours, would effectively take our vote by a transfer of almost all duties from one of the five administrative state offices we elect to a new and expensive, appointed position.

The people responded. Citizens flooded the Capitol — filling two rooms — to testify against. They emailed against this atrocity in droves.

When I carried the petition door-to-door, working with others across the state to get enough signatures to put a vote to repeal or not on the ballot, nearly every person I spoke with signed.

In January of this year Wyoming Supreme Court ruled: Unconstitutional.

SF 104 is one of the reasons Mark Jennings has decided to run for state legislature. Mark will follow the Constitution, which begins telling who the legislature answers to: We the People. If you value your vote, vote Aug. 19 for Mark.


Jan Loftus



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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..