VA director retiring; Vet appreciates tenure

Re: Hirschman story, Press, Aug. 21


The director of our VA hospital will be retiring. I am president of the Veterans Support Council, so on behalf of the Veterans that utilize this facility, I want to say thank you to Ms. Debra L. Hirschman for her service.

I first met the director when she came to my hospital room to thank me, personally, for my efforts with the SAL (Sons of the American Legion) when we reconditioned the bowling alley at the VA. I had to miss the opening ceremony, but she made sure that I wasn’t missed. That was pretty special.

I also represent the American Legion at the VAVS (Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services) and the VSO (Veterans Service Organizations) where we and other VSOs meet to see what Veterans need. She keeps up appraised as to what’s going on within the VA system and at our own VA.

Ms. Hirschman has also, personally, contributed to the homeless veterans program through donations of furniture and has helped with storage rental.

She has very small feet but wears a very large boot that will be difficult to fill. If her replacement cares half as much as she does for us Veterans, we will be in good hands.

Good luck, Ms. Hirschman.


Jim Schlenker


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