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Got my tickets a month ago….it could be a sellout.

The University of Wyoming Cowgirls basketball team, featuring four team members with a Sheridan hometown/Sheridan College connection, will be suiting up for Wyoming. They’ll host Montana State-Northern at 8 p.m. Friday in the Bruce G. Hoffman Golden Dome at Sheridan College.

At 6 p.m., is the Class 4A semi-finals kickoff ‘tween Sheridan’s Broncs and Cheyenne East at Homer Scott Field. The winner goes to UW’s Memorial Stadium the next week for the state 4A football championship.




Recommended reading….

Johnny Carson, as many of a certain age demographic know, dominated late-night television for 30-plus years, raising the bar for Letterman, Leno and all the Jimmys to follow. Henry Bushkin, Carson’s longtime lawyer/advisor/confidante, often referred to in his monologues as “Bombastic Bushkin,” has written a book, “Johnny Carson,” which is more than a celebrity tell-all. It profiles Carson’s difficult relationships with his four wives, his parents, his children. While he was beloved by millions, he could be mean-spirited off-screen, had few friends outside of his inner circle that he paid generously, and was frequently vindictive. The jokes (and anecdotes) in the book are pretty darn good, though.

It’s available from our locally-owned book seller, Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery.




Dept. of incidental info……

According to an Esquire magazine article, paper used to make the new $100 bill is made at Dalton, Mass. The mill there is named for Capt. Byron Weston, but is owned and operated by Crane & Co., makers of fine paper. Today the company is under the stewardship of Doug Crane, 53, the seventh generation of his family to manage the business. (The Crane ledgers, which begin with Col. Thomas Crane in 1770, include the sale of “13 reams of money paper” to a Boston silversmith named Paul Revere.) Winthrop Crane, Doug’s great-great-grandfather, won the first contract to supply the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing with paper in 1879, when the mill was only 16 years old. Crane paper has been the money in American pockets since.




Monday, The Sheridan Press staff received some in-house sales updates, and open meeting laws awareness training from the Wyoming Press Association executive director, Jim Angell of Cheyenne.


He noted how the Sen. Mike Enzi-Liz Cheney Senate race in 2014 will be watched throughout the U.S., with huge sums of PAC messages pouring in. Wyoming’s citizens haven’t seen too many of these vitriolic campaigns of late. This one — a primary election next August — could be quite different, given the players and money involved.

Coincidentally, the announcement of Sen. Enzi’s re-election “team,” also arrived Monday as well. Some of the state’s heavy Republican hitters — Sen. John Barrasso, Rep. Cynthia Lummis, former Sen. Al Simpson, former Rep. Barbara Cubin, among others — are on board for Enzi, who is seeking a third term. Harlan and Sharon Rasmussen are chairing Sen. Enzi’s reelection campaign in Sheridan County; Ryan Mulholland is chairing the Cheney campaign locally.

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