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SHERIDAN — Three people and eight llamas were successfully extracted from an overturned truck and trailer early this morning near mile marker 32 of Interstate 90.

While none of the three human passengers were harmed as a result of the accident, some of the animals suffered minor injuries.

Goose Valley Fire Department Chief Bob Williams said that despite the unusual contents of the trailer, firefighters managed to move the animals to safety quickly after arriving on scene.

Crews were called to the accident at approximately 3:30 a.m. after a driver on her way to Washington had fallen asleep at the wheel and rolled her truck into the median of the interstate.

On arrival, firefighters were unaware of the contents of the trailer.

“It was just bizarre,” Williams said.

While initially hesitant, the animals were eventually led away from the vehicle and transferred to Sheridan to be examined by a veterinarian.

That process, however, proved to be complicated for crews.

“I’m sure they were pretty shaken up and everything, but they’re kind of stubborn,” Williams said.
He added that his firefighters’ familiarity with livestock made for a successful ending to the unusual call.

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