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Part of the current issue of The Log, the official publication of the Sheridan County Historical Society and Museum, is a nifty story about its new director, John Woodward. We met in early May as he was getting his feet wet at “our” museum, a good one.

He’s here in Sheridan via a small museum in Nebraska via the University of Wyoming and Riverton, where he grew up. He earned two degrees in history and anthropology and a master’s degree in history as well from UW. His family has Wyoming roots that date to 1872.



A longtime friend, Chris Dickey, is the editor/publisher/owner of the Gunnison (Colorado) Country Times. As good a community publisher as there is.

He stopped by The Sheridan Press last week prior to the Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run where he was a participant. Following up, I thought I would share Chris’ post-race sentiments about Sheridan, its attractions and the race, now wrapping up its 13th year. To wit, in his words:

• Sheridan is a helluva good place. Authentic, “real,” and friendly.

• The run in the Bighorns was nothing short of spectacular. It’s simply a first-rate event you folks put on up there.

• Runners like single-track trails. And great scenery. Your race, the Bighorn 100, combines the best of both.

• There are plentiful aid stations — staffed by real cowboys and cowgirls, their trusty steeds grazing nearby in picturesque meadows. That’s the icing on the cake. The jerky’s good, too.

• My dad always told me that if I was ever in Sheridan, I should check out the King Ropes Museum, which I did, and he was right on the money. I bellied up to the bar at the Mint Bar and it made me feel like I was transported back to the Old West.

• I know there are touristy things to do, but there’s a reason why tourism is popular — it’s fun! In Sheridan, I had about a good a time as one could have.


Well, there you go. Chris knows tourism because Gunnison is no slouch when it comes to attracting tourists as well.

Much was made of the big three-day music show last weekend in Trails End Concert Park. And for good reason. Good music, good times, campers north of the city; the streets, restaurants and motels filled. An economic boon, fersure.

Add to that — the race — and how it attracted more than 800 runners from all over.

“Was that the same weekend?” a lot of people have asked. It was, proving once more the diversity of Sheridan attractions.


I see by the paper….

In a dose of performance art, Ann Coulter writes how soccer is un-American and how the growing U.S. interest in the World Cup and soccer overall is a “sign of the nation’s moral decay.” Geez. That gets casual dress at Sunday church off the hook.


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