Tongue River Middle School announces spring honor roll

From staff reports

SHERIDAN — Tongue River Middle School officials have announced the spring 2014 honor roll recipients.
8th grade Superintendent’s Honor Roll
Emily Brown, Mary Miller, Cydney Mullaney, Nikki Perfetti, Claire Reed and Dehlaney Schulthess.
7th grade Superintendent’s Honor Roll
Mackenzie Aksamit, Jaren Fritz, Holly Hutchinson, Macey McArthur and Morgan Warren.
6th grade Superintendent’s Honor Roll
Alexis Bernard, Aliya Gaona, Kynlee Jolley, Zaveah Kobza, Rheagan Logan, Mariah McFaul, Jacob McIntyre, Kenzie McPhie, Maddy Miller, Regan Mullaney, Declan Nunn, Anyah Rodriguez, Chloe Schilling, Emma Schroder, Anika Sears, Linsey Tritschler and Jett Walker.
8th grade Principal’s Honor Roll
Skye Bensel, Courtney Good, Kayla Stimpson, Sarah Summers and Natalie Ziegenhorn.
7th grade Principal’s Honor Roll
Emily Elliot, Staci Helferich, Theron Kalasinsky and Tiffanie Rosenlund.
6th grade Principal’s Honor Roll
Kalli Aksamit, Kalie Bocek, Syndney Butler, Miah Chalfant, Gabe Frederick, Alexis Higdon, Kaya Jolley, Sadie Koltiska, Kobe Littleworth, Naomi Morales, Kayce Pearce, Brielle Prehemo, Cade Reish, Marcus Sahrp, Nick Summers, Gabe Veilleux and Savanah Williams.
8th grade Honor Roll
Chelsea Adams, Amber Champlin, Kira Duval, Brittany Fillingham, Jasper Forsness, Jay Keo, Robbie Prehemo, Angel Richards, Kel Tritschler and KamiJo White Clay.
7th grade Honor Roll
Wes Bakken, Anastasia Beutler, Angelina Bird, Aspen Boulter, Brittany Buckallew, Elias Dillon-Bennett, Sam Homola, Annie Kerns, AJ Lytton, Bona McKenzie, Max Roberson, Trenton Smith, Bailee Stewart, Hayley Uecker, Taylor Velos and Wyatt Yeigh.
6th grade Honor Roll
Daie’n Bear Don’t Walk, Kyle Breen, Wyatt Brooks, Bruce Buckallew, Miles Homola, Corrin Lamere, Taleah Russell, Reah Scholer, Seth Wilhem, Allen Williams, Raessa Willis and Caleb Witter.

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