Tired of inconsiderate dog owners

Re: July 23 Press article

In the article concerning the lady and her dog who were attacked by a pit bull amd mastiff, it was stated that it was “only the ninth such attack since Jan. 1, 2013.”

Only the ninth attack? Should one conclude that the vicious dog-owners of Sheridan are doing a good job of keeping innocent pets and their owners out of harm’s way by allowing only nine attacks this year?

Such a mindset angers me.

The owner of those two vicious dogs involved in the latest attack said she was “unaware” of her gate containing the animals being open — as if, “No big deal.”

I for one am extremely tired of inconsiderate dog owners who feel it is their right to own a dog, any kind of dog, no matter what implications it may have for their longsuffering neighbors or how irresponsibly the animals are disciplined.

It should be considered a privilege, and the lady who owns the two vicious dogs is a prime example of someone who should lose that privilege.

Maybe — it is hoped that — she’ll think twice about being so lackadaisical and owning such out-of-control animals if the good judge levies the highest penalty allowed by law upon her at her hearing Aug. 5.


Lucky Lambdin


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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..