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Natural touch: Pay homage to natural style by filling your home with elements found in nature. Natural surfaces – such as wood floors, stained cabinets and stone counters – are musts. A color palette derived from nature also creates the feeling of the great outdoors from inside a room.

Designer summit: Do your reseatch befroe meeting with designers. Ask to see samples of their work and when you do get together, you’ll come prepared with specific questions. Bring clips from magazines or catalogs of looks you like.

Door appeal: Doors can add dramatically to the look of a house without great expense. On the outside, paint one in a bold color or strip it to uncover beautiful wood.

Wall project: To break up patterns and bring depth and texture to a room, apply wallpaper with a rip-and-stick technique. Tear it into random shapes and sizes and adhere to the wall in an overlap-ping fashion like an oversize decoupage project.

Cabinet face-lift: If your kitchen cabinets have become grimy and dull, give them a quick facelift with a new finish. A coat of paint is often the simplest way to spruce them up.

Dark colors by themselves don’t make aroom look smaller. But when combined with light colors, they might. It’s actuaslly the high-contrast colors that make a room feel smaller. The less contrast in a space, the larger it feels, whether the colors are all light or all dark.

Red-based palettes can add punch to even the most earth-toned room replete with greens, tans and browns. Consider adding toss pillows, a chenille throw and pillar candles in a warm brick red. Or if your room’’s palette tends to be cool and is currently adorned in light to medium blues, choose cooler pinkish versions of red to achieve balance.

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