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Congratulations, graduates!


The three kindest words in the English language?
I love you. Of course
Next three kindest: You’ve lost weight.

Sheridan Press staff member Maureen Legerski (she knows everyone in town, it seems) is in the midst of a diet and looks good.
The three next kindest words — from a longtime accountant pal: Get your money.


Opinion on TV…
Fox News has airtime that’s dedicated to opinion 55 percent of the time.

So say researchers at Pew Research Center.

At MSNBC, that number is 85 percent.


One rub about the Benghazi “affair” is how the U.S. main ally in the region, Israel, would’ve reacted if in a similar position. Had there Israelis on the spot, or laying dead in an embassy — given their past history — they would have likely gone in there and kicked some Libyan butt. They wouldn’t have waited nine hours or dithered, or rationalized it all via Sunday talk shows last year.
It’s not on the front page anymore, given the Oklahoma tornadoes or the IRS investigation, but merits ongoing scrutiny.

The IRS stink will have greater legs given how a good many of us are affected directly by the IRS; that we have to have to have our house in good order, but apparently that’s not the case “in the field” or in Washington. The kerfuffle over AP reporters complaining about the overreach by the government won’t have the traction as well. (See Dana Milbank’s column today.)

Yet, Benghazi illustrates a lack of integrity by the former Secretary of State, candidate for 2016 president or not.

She pushed a false narrative, a “spontaneous demonstration,” which was in fact a terrorist attack on a U.S. consul. It’s recalls Gen. Colin Powell’s wan demonstration of holding up a white vial of powder at the U.N., illustrating the alleged WMD in the run-up to the Iraqi War.

Whether it’s former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice or Ms. Clinton or Attorney General Eric Holder or whomever the president puts out front before Congress and the American people, it just reeks of fast and loose with the facts.

If the truth had been told from the jump, Americans, as a people, tend to be more forgiving of mistakes, than dishonesty.


I see by the paper…….
One more scandal — though not on the scale of Benghazi, the IRS or AP phone records — is the one about a prostitution ring that was run out of a retirement home in New Jersey. Three were arrested.
Cracked one wiseacre/pundit: “You had to talk dirty, and loud.”

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