Teen cited by police after ‘mooning’ woman

SHERIDAN — A Sheridan teenager was cited by police Thursday for “mooning” another motorist.

Ryan Deitchler, 18, was issued a ticket after a woman complained to police that he had flipped her off and displayed his bare buttocks.

The complainant had attempted to follow Deitchler after it happened, but ultimately lost sight of him.

However, the complainant observed the teen later on, police were notified, and Deitchler was ticketed for disorderly conduct — specifically, making obscene gestures.

“It wasn’t very appropriate or very smart,” Police Sgt. Travis Koltiska said, indicating that Deitchler admitted to the scheme when approached by an officer.

Deitchler must appear in municipal court April 24 to answer for the misdemeanor charge.

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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..