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Well-rounded is a great way to describe this week’s deserving Summit Award Winner, Alexandra Vaira. Vaira’s interests include academics, cross-country, track, reading, horseback riding and playing the violin. Vaira is the daughter of Travis and Annette Vaira.

Vaira, a Sheridan High School senior, maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.979. She received academic letters her sophomore and junior years.

During high school, Vaira’s class load has included three advanced placement classes in psychology, calculus and environmental science. Other classes for her senior year include power mechanics, physics, expository writing, imaginative writing, symphony orchestra, personal fitness and basic emergency.
Vaira also keeps busy with the following extracurricular school and volunteer activities: cross country track, Future Farmers of America, National Honor Society, Spanish club and volunteering at church.

AP calculus is Vaira’s favorite class. She enjoys problem solving and the challenging puzzles math presents. Vaira has not made a final decision of what her major will be at college; however, she may choose math or engineering. As a National Honor Society member, Vaira takes time to tutor other students in math. She said the best part of tutoring is helping other students and it’s fun when they get it. Mr. Daniels, the SHS math teacher, describes Vaira as a hard worker with a great, friendly attitude.

Vaira believes her time spent at SHS has prepared her for life in the real world. All the opportunities at SHS have helped her gain skills to work with other students and prepare for college. Vaira noted that the more a person can experience, the fewer the surprises.

Vaira has taken full advantage of programs to help her gain experiences. She attended Girls’ State and an engineering summer program during the summer of 2012. At Girls’ State Vaira had the opportunity to fine tune her speaking skills and at engineering camp she took part in an atmospheric investigation measuring carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Vaira has developed team work and leadership skills. She is one of the captains for the cross-country team and began running on the team when she was a freshman at SHS. Being a captain has allowed her to work with the younger team members. Vaira is also on the FFA mechanics team. As part of this team she competes in welding, engines and mathematical situations.

In addition to her SHS activities, Vaira also enjoys horseback riding and playing the violin. During the summer of 2012, Vaira worked at the polo fields as a groomer and exercised and trained horses. She also gave riding lessons. To round out her skill set, she has played the violin for nine years. Throughout high school, Vaira has participated in Baroque orchestra, symphony orchestra and the Mariachi band.

When asked what her motto for life was, Vaira responded simply with keeping straight what is right and wrong. Vaira may have learned this from the various people that been mentors in her life. Her mom, Annette Vaira, has been instrumental in teaching her to work hard and to treat others with respect. SHS Spanish teacher, Mrs. Vold, brought real life experiences into the classroom to help Vaira broaden her social views. Mr. Daniels also inspired Vaira with his teaching approach and perspective.

She said she would like to study abroad her sophomore year in college to take advantage of learning in and out of the classroom. With the many skills Vaira has acquired and her friendly personality, she is sure to have much success no matter what road she takes.

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