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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Press hit the streets Tuesday to find out how Sheridan residents feel about the government shutdown that began early that morning due to the failure of Congress to pass a budget. Here’s what was said.


Innocent people

“I think it’s going to affect a lot of innocent people that are being played with by the people they elected. If the people that we’ve elected have no stake in the game, then they don’t have to worry about it. They can do anything they want to. I think the one faction that wants to do away with Obamacare, the affordable health care act (sic), is after only one thing, and that’s because the president is black. They don’t care —they’re not concerned about anything other than that we have a black president that’s going to have a legacy. He’s the only one that ever brought something forth to the country like the affordable health care act. That’s going to be his legacy and they don’t want that.”

— Larry Mueller in the Walmart parking lot


Compromise needed

“I think it’s about time they just learn to do things the way Congress was designed to do them and get things done. Quibbling over whether or not Obamacare waits a year or is implemented now is just not worth it. They need to compromise. I believe they should pass it with Obamacare and also raise the debt ceiling, although I don’t like the idea of going into more and more debt.”

— Mary Grant at Kendrick Park



“A plague on both of their houses. It is a stupid way to run a government. They should get their act together and pay attention to the serious things they have to deal with: tax reform, immigration and they have to get their money under control.”

— Joanna Atwood at The Body Shop



“I think its unfortunate that our elected officials can’t come to some sort of mutual agreement that would prevent us from shutting down branches of the federal government. However, I also think that its ludacris to think Obamacare is economically feasible under the current environment we live in. The reality is it is extremely expensive and it is money we don’t have to spend. The health care system is broken in this country and I think there can be reasonable efforts to make it better, but not necessarily by mandating everyone to get insurance. I tend to favor the conservative point of view, but I find it very irritating that Congress as a whole can’t come up with a viable solution. Obamacare is socialism, and no one wants that.”

— Ryan Monson at Econ-o-wash


Don’t pay them

“One thing I feel is that if they’re not going to be in there doing their jobs, they shouldn’t be getting paid for it. I’m sure they’re still going to pull a check after all this is done, and it is really pathetic that they’re getting away with not doing their jobs.”

— Brandon Donaldson at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library


Goon show

“I’m disgusted by the shutdown. It’s a total goon show. I think they should have their salaries suspended by the month and congresspeople should not be renumerated, not have their costs covered until other people are no longer affected by what they have done. It doesn’t change anything I have to do this week, but it’s a very bad sign when people are so tied to their own beliefs they cannot recognize there are other people who they are hurting.”


— Taylor Crosby at the Sheridan Post Office


From 1

“I think when they start to negate over the debt ceiling limit then we’ll all be in trouble. I just think all of them are kind of to blame. They don’t seem to want to compromise or work. They just want to play politics and that doesn’t do us any good in this country. We need some answers and some negotiation and different ideas about how we can settle the situation and get our country and economy back to a productive level for everybody.

— Don Lundvall at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library


“I don’t think this shutdown will have much affect by now. I think we’re in a lot of trouble because we have close to $17 trillion in debt and I think something has to be done about starting to pay that off or stop it from growing, so I’m pretty much in favor of what the Republicans are doing in trying to get everything straightened out. I don’t like a shutdown but I think we should work at getting our debt under control and our fiscal policy under control. President Obama can talk to the Iranians and the Syrians and the Russians, but why can’t he talk to the other side of the Legislature?”

— Robert Wagner at The Body Shop


“It’s a failure of the government to come together to talk. They put politics, instead of our country, first, and pretty much they put drama first. I think it is sad that the two parties of grown men and women can’t come to a simple agreement about a few different things. I think both sides are to blame, but at the same time, how many times has Obamacare been repealed? Forty-two? Forty-three? For the Republicans to want to argue that again and say the Democrats don’t want to have a debate, it is a little ridiculous. Then again, when you hear Democrats calling Republicans fickle and all this name calling, of course they’re not going to participate. It’s no wonder everybody is so charged. No one can have a decent conversation, and it’s always the same old thing when you turn on the news.”

— Sam Shedden at The Body Shop


“I think they need to cut wages and benefits for the rich people. This Medicare thing is a joke. You can’t enforce it. The people that have no income aren’t going to be able to afford $150-200 per month for health insurance.  I don’t think the shutdown will amount to much. It’s time to fire them all and get new ones. Obama don’t have enough sense to come out of the rain, but I don’t think he’s the one causing all of this. I think Obamacare should be a separate issue. Take Obamacare out of the picture totally, and put that all by its lonesome and then get on the government. I blame Obama. He sticks to his guns on Obamacare, and why doesn’t he put that as a separate issue and the whole government as an issue by itself.”

— John Pruitt at the Sheridan Post Office


“I support the idea of trying to delay the Obamacare, and so it’s one piece of leverage they have to try to accomplish that and so it doesn’t bother me at all. They’re not getting anywhere with it, but it doesn’t bother me at all they’re using that as a means to try to delay the implementation.”

— Mike Gagen at the Sheridan Information Center


“I think we need more people to participate in voting.”

— Carl Lindahl at the Econ-o-wash


“I have no need for health care right now unless I get in some sort of disaster. I think they’re just a bunch of immature people up there that can’t solve their differences.”

— Eric Eliason at the Sheridan YMCA.


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