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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Recreation District will operate with a smaller budget in fiscal year 2014 due in part to a younger staff and a likely dip in their mill levy checks.

The board met Tuesday night to hold their annual budget hearing and work through their regular monthly agenda.

Business Manager Richard Bridger said he geared the fiscal year 2014 budget, a $1.145 million tab, with the precautions to withstand a projected 13 percent dip in county mill levy money.

“On the sheet it’s not major, but in reality it could be,” he said.

The 2013 fiscal year budget was set at $1.197 million for the SRD. While the final numbers aren’t in yet, Bridger said that he thought maybe they “spent more than they brought in.”

Board member Alex Lee led a discussion on how to make sure the SRD can stay fiscally responsible moving forward, with the goal of not having to increase fees for its programs.

The budget doesn’t include any employee raises, and a younger staff in several major positions reduced the salaries portion of the upcoming budget significantly.

Bridger agreed that they need to be conservative, but if the district makes sure they are thinking “cost-return” on programs they offer they should be fine.

The Sheridan Recreation District is subsidized by their fees and charges, funding from the city of Sheridan, a Sheridan County School District 2 mill levy, their Weed and Mosquito program and a significant carryover from year-to-year. The largest portion of that is fees — this year a projected $398,975.

Expenses include running sports programs as well as things like aquatics and maintenance. The SRD buffers each year for the biggest loss in its aquatics program, Kendrick Pool. For example, in the new budget the district is estimating a $64,000 intake with a $72,720 price tag, reduced from the FY2013 income of $63,900 and $90,550 in expenses.

The board held elections as well Tuesday night, re-appointing Don Julian as board president. Lee will serve again as vice president, Kim Anderson as treasurer and Bridger as secretary.

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