SPD warns area residents of ongoing scams

SHERIDAN — Scam artists continue to contact Sheridan area residents.

The Sheridan Police Department released information on two scams that have been attempted on local residents over the last several weeks.

One such scam begins with a personal or business check being sent directly to a victim’s financial institution via US mail. The institution deposits the check and shortly thereafter the scammer will contact the vitim and inform them the money has been deposited as a refund, overpayment, sweepstakes, etc.

The victim is then instructed to send a portion of the money back, the check turns out to be fraudulent and the victim is held accountable for the loss.

Another scam SPD has been made aware of is via telephone, from a number with a central Mississippi area code: 601-400-9074. Law enforcement said the phone number is associated with credit card scams and advised area residents not to provide any personal or credit card information over the phone.

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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..