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Recently, Sheridan Press sports editor Brad Estes wrote a column about recognizing athletes and nonathletes off the field for their academic performance (March 29).

Many of us have seen the National Collegiate Athletic Association commercials that follow a similar theme, saying “There are more than 380,000 student-athletes and most of them go pro in something other than sports.”

It’s true, but what about the students that succeed in both academics and extracurricular activities other than sports?

For example, the Sheridan High School symphony and baroque orchestras will perform at the school’s auditorium tonight.

Next week, Tongue River students will put on a play and host a fundraiser while the Sheridan College drama students perform, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.”

This community is full of talented students, both on and off the field, but of equal importance is the passion students display both in and out of the classroom.

The Sheridan Press does what it can to support these kids.
We write about awards they receive; concerts, plays and speech competitions they participate in; scholarships awarded; and honors they receive for things like All-State selections.
While often overlooked for the state championship football team, basketball team or another sport — kids involved in the arts, volunteering for nonprofits or leaders in groups such as the FFA deserve just as much support from our community.
Have you attended a non-athletic event recently?
If not, you should.
You’ll be stunned by local talent and the adults who mentor and lead them.
The Sheridan Press runs a daily calendar of events, Thursday’s events appear in Wednesday’s newspaper. Check it out.
If we’re missing an event, let us know. We’ll make sure we get it on both our online and print calendars.

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