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The annual “thank you” barbecue sponsored by Sheridan Ice, LLC is usually a celebratory affair held in spring-like temperatures with the ice rink closed. Not so Saturday.

Winter grudgingly hangs on hereabouts.

Saturday’s barbecue feed was in zero, or sub-zero temperatures and the skating was in full bloom. More than 75 came out for the skating and food, says Janet Austin, administrative coordinator for Whitney Benefits, owner of the rink.

“Given the cold weather, we had a good turnout,” she adds.

There were more than 40,000 visitors to Sheridan Ice this season. (The rink closes Friday.) That’s a steady number, says Janet, over the past few years. One consistent comment from out-of-town visitors is the quality of the rink and that it’s free. There are youth hockey leagues, adult leagues for men, women and coed teams, open skating, figure skating groups and it’s a good place to skate and hang out. Must say, those rink lights, that illuminate brightly as days shorten in December, is a comfortable beacon while driving home: see, someone’s making the most of a Sheridan winter with exercise and fun.

There are 71 community sponsors for Sheridan Ice, LLC. (Including The Sheridan Press.)




From-the-I-Know-This-Sounds-Like-An-Ad, file…….

Comfort food, always a favorite of the Notebook, is in ample supply and diversity at Doug Meier’s Big Horn Smokehouse and Saloon right there in the heart of downtown Big Horn. The place is spotless, the staff friendly, the iced tea refills plentiful and Doug knows his way around a grill, fersure. Good eating, this.




I see by the paper……

• Phoenix police report more than 6,000 phone calls in so far this year from people being “harassed by feral packs of yapping Chihuahuas.,” according to This Week magazine.

• Given that recreational marijuana is now legal in Colorado, someone should take notice of what an enterprising Girl Scout did in San Francisco recently. She set up her cookie stand outside a medical marijuana clinic and was sold out in 45 minutes. Noted the young lady (and entrepreneur), “they apparently get very hungry after smoking.”

• A Texas man fled police custody in Dallas while in handcuffs. He called 911 to request medical help that the manacles were “cutting off blood circulation in his arm.” He was rearrested.






“If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it’s another nonconformist who doesn’t conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity.”


—William E. Vaughan, newspaper columnist, Kansas City Star, 1915-1977

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