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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees approved spending $470,873 to purchase a new payroll system at its regular meeting Wednesday. Kronos will integrate an employee time clock system, a payroll system that issues paychecks and a human resources system for employee records.

“Kronos is the hospital industry leader for payroll systems,” Chief Financial Officer Ed Johlman said about the new system, adding that it is used by more than 50 percent of hospitals in the nation.
Johlman and his staff have been researching payroll systems for two years and believe Kronos will significantly streamline the payroll process. The program also offers extensive data collection and reporting tools to track individual information and hospital trends.

Currently, hospital employees clock in and out on computer stations using their employee number.

The new system will place time clocks around the hospital, and employees will clock in and out by pressing their finger on the time clock screen.

The hospital spends $113,000 per year for their current payroll system. Kronos will cost approximately $136,000 per year but will save a significant amount of man hours, Johlman said.
“It will do what we need, will be compatible with what we have and will take us into the future. It’s a really cool system,” Johlman said.

The hospital hopes to have the new Kronos payroll system running by October or November.

In other business:
• Dr. John Addlesperger has started in his new position as chief medical officer. He will continue to see patients in the emergency room 25 percent of the week and will serve as CMO 75 percent of the week. His duties include overseeing hospital quality, promoting good physician/hospital relationships and safety monitoring.

Addlesperger has served as the elected chief of staff since January 2012. Dr. Cindy Sharp will serve as chief of staff for the remainder of 2013, and elections will be held in September for a new two-year term to begin January 2014. The chief of staff conducts peer review and represents the needs of medical staff to hospital administration and vice versa.

• Chief Nursing Officer Charlotte Mather announced a summer camp for high school students to be held at the Wyoming Simulation Center in conjunction with Sheridan College. Two camps will be offered July 15-18 and Aug. 5-8 to offer high school students a realistic look at nursing professions. For more information regarding the Dream Big Summer Camps and how to register for the camps, visit

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