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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan County School District 2 Board of Trustees held a public hearing Monday regarding the facility plan being submitted to the Wyoming School Facilities Commission.

According to the WSFC, the facility plans detail the ways each district intends to remedy the facility needs of educational, administration and transportation buildings within its jurisdiction.

Under SFC rules and regulations, facility plans are required to include a full outline of major maintenance, details on facility modifications, justifications for new or replacement facilities, anticipated land acquisitions and an estimated cost for all remedies being proposed.

The plan is discussed during regular board meetings each year before the update is submitted to the WSFC.

The report is compiled via the Wyoming School Facilities Department’s online database and SCSD2 Facilities Director Julie Carroll said it is a working plan that is constantly changing.

A summarized version of the lengthy plan was presented by Carroll during the hearing. It was provided to The Press one hour before the meeting, in response to a public documents request filed with the district Friday afternoon after the board packet released for the meeting stated there would be a public hearing on the plan but failed to include the plan for public scrutiny.

There were no members of the general public present at the hearing outside of district staff, their associates and the media. Four students and a member of the Wyoming School Board Association were present earlier in the meeting but excused themselves after their respective presentations.

The Major Maintenance Account Balance sheet was included in the plan and showed a current balance of $198,918.56 with outstanding encumbrances of $1,712,915 creating a net major maintenance funds deficit of $1,513,996.44, which Carroll said would be partially off-set when the account receives its payment on July 1, however there are construction bills from current projects coming in at the end of June as well.

“We’re pretty much spending everything as we get it in this account,” she said.

The cost of the Early Building roof replacement was not included in the plan as it is still pending an emergency funds request put forth by Carroll to the WSFC on April 22.

Carroll provided an update on that process saying the commission requested that insurance estimates for the project be submitted to them before approval for a better estimation of the cost. The insurance estimates have yet to be received and once they are, the commission will hold a special session to review the district’s request.

The report also serves as a form of data and statistically analysis.

One figure analyzed is enrollment estimates and Carroll said the report estimates, which are based solely on hard data and computations, are in line with what the district has been projecting with their estimates.

She stated that the forthcoming jumps in middle school enrollment support the plans to relocate Fort Mackenzie High School and The Wright Place from the Sheridan Junior High School campus to the old Highland Park building in order to expand SJHS and reunify the campus.

The report estimates that the current enrollment of less than 700 junior high students, not including FMHS/WP, will surpass an enrollment of 1,000 within eight years.

Rankings are included on the needs of districts from across the state in three categories — educational building needs, transportation building needs and administration building needs — providing a priority order for state funds.

The Educational Building Needs Ranking shows the needs of SCSD2 are moderate with Sagebrush ranking highest need on the list at 24 of 379 and SJHS second priority for the district at 145.

The Transportation Building Needs Ranking puts the needs of the district high on the list with the Bus Barn main building ranking 7 of 75; however, the Administration Building Needs shows that we have the best administrative staff offices in the state, 40th of 40, on the needs index.

Some of the upcoming component requests include an upgrade to the administrative offices security systems as well as redoing the communications and camera systems at SJHS after FMHS/WP moves and the campus needs to be manageable for a single administration again.

Carroll stated the report would continue to evolve as it can be added to by individual departments and does not need to go through the facilities commission for changes.

After the hearing and upon returning to regular session, the plan was approved by the unanimous vote of the board after no questions or comments from the audience.

Summary points of the facilities plan as provided by Carroll:

• Submit requests for all facilities with regard to safety and security, as requested by the governor’s task force.

• Submit a capital component funding request for Sheridan High School boiler plant upgrades.

• Continue to request funds for a new 6-12 alternative school in order to remove Ft. Mackenzie and the Wright Place from the junior high campus — this includes moving them to the old Highland Park building this summer.

• Continue to request funding for Sagebrush Elementary School remediation.

• Continue to request funding for renovation of the transportation facility and site, maintenance facility and site and projects submitted for SHS components — fire alarm, door upgrades and lighting upgrades.

• Continue to evaluate enrollment trends and needs.

• Continue to report data for all of the district’s school buildings and sites.

• Continue to update major maintenance projects for all sites.

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