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SHERIDAN — Sheridan County School District 2 announced results from its annual orchestra festival held April 9-10 and judged by Jennifer Lyford of Laramie and Susan Wagner of Cheyenne.

Violin performance, superior grade

Dulce Carroll, Carter Steidly, Aria Heyneman, Grace Harper, Grace Gustafson, Zoe Robison, Pippin Robison, Kirby Co-Kirkham, Kenneth Grant, Sarah Bicocchi, Maria Hall, DayAnna Godwin, Susan Wold, Sam Sanders, Jacob Jahiel, Raien Emery, Avery Ellis, Mariah Olesen, Zach Gale, Jack Clement LaRosa, Behley Malkuch and Patrick Hamilton

Viola performance, superior grade

Mya Bitanga, Ashley Thompson, Anna Crabb, Amber Rogers and Trinton Meyers

Cello performance, superior grade

Mikael Shaw, Lincoln Carroll, Vera Torkelson,Michael Meek, Rachel Jahiel, Tommy Clift, Angelina Bruso, Anastasia Giljum, Madeline Anderson, Nicholas Gill and Samantha Hamilton

String bass performance, superior grade

Nicholas Gale, Sidney Carroll, Brayden Vojta, William Craft and Sam Boyles

Large ensemble category, superior grade

The Sheridan Baroque Orchestra and the Sheridan High School Symphony Orchestra

Violin performance, excellent grade

John Lenzi, Megan Price, Ben Romanjenko, Gretchen Dougherty, Mackenzie Dougherty, Chris Michaelis, Taylor Bruso, Taylor Wendtland, Kathryn Beardslee, Nathan Baker, Katelynn Brooks, Mariah Grant, Thomas Terry, Lauren Sarantopulos, Amaya Cook, Kaitlin Shaw, Piper Carroll, Toby Jacobs, Olivia Chase, Leah Bouley, Mckenzie MackDonnell and Helen Burch

Viola performance, excellent grade

Paige Wolski, Isaac Gray, Samantha Lamb and Kelly Buchanan

Cello performance, excellent grade

Evan Stabben and Jamie Schlegel

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