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Democracy creates winners and losers, so I was prepared to take the magnanimous path with my neighbors until I read in the editorial pages of the Press (June 11) my neighbor crowing about the “responsive” and “responsible” city engineering staff and the fact that we, on Pima Drive, were not getting a sidewalk. Responsive, yes! I find city personnel to be very responsive. In this case, too much so. Responsible? Who would be against a sidewalk?

Our neighborhood has a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School, a brand new school building with top notch teachers! The kids on Pima Drive, current and future generations, get to walk to school in the street.

I, personally, have walked most of the streets in Sheridan and I am grateful to every homeowner who generously allows me to walk on their property with the benefit of a public sidewalk. Those of us who walk know Sheridan is not always a walking friendly town. Sidewalks are important for the safety of kids and adults.

Regretfully, we on Pima Drive come off looking small minded to the rest of the community because some of us don’t want sidewalks — as if we don’t walk on someone else’s sidewalk in town. We have wasted city personnel resources. We denied a respected contractor the opportunity to provide jobs in our community. We have probably shot ourselves in the foot about any future city projects in our neighborhood. Who would want to work with us now that we have rejected such a simple project as a sidewalk?

Every homeowner should know at the closing sale of their house that a portion of the front of their property is dedicated to public good for the well-being of all the citizens in the community. Is it “responsible” then, good neighbors, to let this opportunity to offer safe walking passage to school, and to be more friendly, in our neighborhood pass us by? This opportunity is slipping away fast, if not already gone. I urge you to change your mind and call the city engineers office to change your opinion. We are not going to get this opportunity again.

Doug Goodwin

By |June 13th, 2013|

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