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The Sheridan Press sponsored softball team surprised a lot of people this week.

We went from being ranked 13th out of 15 teams at the end of the regular season, to winning four of the first five games in the tournament. We’re just two games out before we could be playing for the championship; one of three teams left in the fight.

It won’t happen though. We’ll have to end our season with our Wednesday night wins, then a forfeit. The team is used to playing games Mondays and Wednesdays, and the last leg of the tournament is Friday. Most of us have to work, which is OK, but kind of a bummer considering how far we made it. We simply won’t have enough people to field a team.

We’ve been likened to a Cinderella team, even. Kind of fun for us — and me. It is fun to see coworkers and friends come together and have a little fun.

Oh well, there is always next year and we wish all the best luck to the last teams in the tournament.

Sheridan Recreation District Adult Sports Specialist Robbie Spencer sent out an email thursday thanking everyone for participating in the adult softball leagues.

It is a great program and gives young adults — all adults really — a chance to stay active, meet new people and stay out of trouble.

The effort put into making activities like this run smoothly is immense and those involved have done a terrific job. Kudos to you all.

There is plenty more where that came from, too. Now that softball season is just about over, some recreationists are looking forward to golf leagues, flag football and other programs planned for the remainder of the year.

Keep an eye out, get involved. It is well worth the time commitment and the effort.

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