Rocky Mountain Power to use helicopters to inspect power lines

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SHERIDAN — County residents might notice some low-flying helicopters this week. Rocky Mountain Power has contracted helicopters to patrol power lines for routine inspection.

RMP Spokesperson Margaret Oler said the inspections will occur throughout the week.

“They may hover close to the lines and occasionally, people just taking a glance might fear something is wrong,” she said. “Hence, we want to make the public aware that during that time, if they see that happening, it’s us doing our inspections.”

Oler said the bird’s eye vantage point allows for a comprehensive, unique perspective for electrical workers, and that aerial observations are done periodically. Oler said more specific information related to dates and times the choppers will pass through Sheridan County is not available because plans are dependent upon weather conditions and what is found during the inspections.

“We also want to reassure the public we have obtained necessary clearances, including filing flight plans,” she said.

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