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SHERIDAN — A Notable Neighbor is someone who is engaged in the community that typically does not otherwise receive public recognition.

Today the Sheridan Press would like to introduce you to Daniel E. and Rosemary C. Rieder, today’s Notable Neighbors.


Where are you from? If you’re not a Sheridan native, how long have you lived here and what brought you here?

We were both born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. We moved to Livonia, Mich. in 1976. We moved to Sheridan in November of 2011. We have always enjoyed the West and visited Sheridan several times after our daughter and her family moved here. To be near them and help when we can, we decided the move would be a great adventure.


What do you do professionally?

We are both retired. Dan was a pharmaceutical representative and Rosemary was an office manager for a CPA firm in Livonia, Mich.


List all the organizations you support on a volunteer or donation level.

Dan and Rosemary are both volunteers for the Sheridan Community Land Trust, Wyoming Wilderness Association, Greenhouse Living, Center for a Vital Community Survive and Thrive Study Groups and the annual Christmas Bird Count. Rosemary is also a volunteer at Sheridan Memorial Hospital. We donate to various organizations in Sheridan such as the YMCA, the Advocacy and Resource Center and others.


Why do you find it important to be involved in the community?

We are the community and if the community is vibrant and thriving, then we all benefit.


What is your favorite part of our community?

The welcoming people. We have met so many generous, helpful, involved, kind and caring people here in Sheridan, more so than any other community in which we have lived.


What does volunteerism mean to you?

Volunteerism is giving your time, energy or talents to a person, group or organization. You will find that your compensation will be getting to know some great people who will enrich your life.


What advice would you give to someone looking to be more involved with the community?

Examine your interests, talents and willingness to contribute and follow that path to the group in which you will be comfortable and encouraged.


How does it feel to be thought of as a “notable neighbor”?

Very humbling. There are so many people in this community who do far more than we. Many of these giving souls have lived here for years and have dedicated themselves to this community.

They have inspired us to contribute whatever we can. At first we were hesitant to participate as a “Notable Neighbor” because it seemed self serving. After some thought we decided it was our opportunity to thank all the great people who inspired us to become involved in our community. It was also a means to encourage members of this vibrant community to volunteer in any way possible.

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