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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Recreation District board approved a draft plan detailing a new sponsorship push, and announced more swimming opportunities for the summer at their regular meeting Wednesday.
The board announced that they will be expanding swim lessons through use of the indoor pool at Sheridan Junior High School this summer. This would, in concept, expand open swim time at Kendrick pool with some swimming lessons moving to the indoor location.

Recently hired Adult Sports Specialist Robbie Spencer presented the draft plan he would pitch to potential sponsors, to be made available for the SRD’s adult sports programs.

He said his goal with this new push is to hit official sponsorships for the SRD big leagues, something that has not been done in the past.

The SRD could potentially bring in $3,000 per league sponsorships from a bigger company, or even a $10,000-$12,000 sum for an all-league sponsor. Such a commitment would get that company’s name “pretty much on everything,” SRD staff agreed at the meeting.

At February’s meeting, the board discussed better laying out what sponsors are offered, what benefits are, etc., when they buy SRD ads, and this draft was a result of that discussion.
The two-page document shows different levels of sponsors, with the highest allowing for full league sponsorship, for example men’s softball.

While the list is intended mainly for pitching potential adult sports program sponsors, it would be made available to all programs including things like concerts in the park.

The SRD has a goal of increasing overall participation in its adult sports programs.

About 2,070 adults were or are still involved in 2012-13 adult sports programs. The biggest programs include summer softball and fall/winter volleyball leagues, totaling about half of the total number.

Spencer wants to increase participation in things like flag football, which had just 50 players last year.
Rec. staff has set a goal of increasing the total adult sports number by about 10 percent in the next year.
The board proposed making this detailed list available to youth sports sponsors, but Director Richard Wright pointed out that he likes the current format for youth sponsors. He noted that many businesses willing to become youth sponsors aren’t always as eager to help adult sports.

The board heard a presentation from Weed and Mosquito Technician Bill Russell and the implementation of GPS mapping he will use mostly in the weed spraying portion of his job. The new technology will allow for better measuring from year to year on weed control, and also a give Russell a better gauge on how much chemical he needs for certain areas, with a goal of saving money.

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