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SHERIDAN — A Notable Neighbor is someone who is engaged in the community that typically does not otherwise receive public recognition.

Today The Sheridan Press would like to introduce you to LW John Reasoner.


Where are you from? If you’re not a Sheridan native, how long have you lived here?

I was born and raised in Iowa and I’ve been in Sheridan since 1967.

What do you do professionally?

I was the telephone lineman for the railroad, I took care of the line that went along the railroad track. I retired in 1996 after 47 years in the railroad, minus two in the Army.

Tell us about all the organizations you are involved in on a volunteer level or donate to.

I’m on the board of directors for Sunlight Federal Credit Union. I was on the supervisory committee for the Sheridan Railroad Employees Credit Union and they merged. I’ve been doing that basically ever since I came to Sheridan.

I go down and help out around the credit union’s Sheridan branch with anything they need.

I participate in the “Give Your Heart to a Child” YMCA program and help the YMCA with other things like sending out mailings.

I donate to the Senior Center and VFW as well.

Tells us about the things you do to support your neighbors.

Around here, if the neighbors need help, I’m always available. It’s a good neighborhood. From house sitting and watching dogs to helping out with whatever they want to do, I’m here.

I am also a designated safe house for the RENEW resident house across the street. So I watch out for them and anything they need they can come ask. They are good people. It’s very easy to be neighbors with them.

What drives you in your commitment to the community?

You’ve got to have an obligation to help other people, that’s my philosophy.

What is your favorite part of Sheridan?

One thing I’ve found about Sheridan, you can walk around town and mostly everyone is friendly but if you see somebody and take a minute to stop and say hello or even just smile, nine times out of 10 you’ll get a smile back. I raised three kids here, it’s a great place.

What does volunteerism mean to you?

I don’t always do the charity work I think I should but I contribute what I can where I can. It’s not always easy between housework and whatnot but you just do what you can to help those who need it.

What advice would you give to someone looking to be more involved with the community?

If anybody really has a desire to do it, I think volunteering for a nonprofit is the most rewarding to those who do get involved. I know when I’m helping out at the YMCA and the credit union it just feels good.

How does it feel to be thought of as a “notable neighbor?”

In my neighborhood, things are pretty good. I’ve had some real good neighbors and it’s all about the people. Of course I’ve been here longer than anyone else, but I’ve continued to have good neighbors come and go.


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