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Recently, a family in our parish generously donated a life sized statue of the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

The statue stands just northeast of Holy Name Church on East Loucks Street. The marble statue is beautiful! Over the last month, many people have stopped by to view the statue and read the quote engraved on its base. I surmise that many of those who stop are intrigued not only by the artwork but also by the quote of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

The quote reads as follows:

“The family is fundamental because that is where the first awareness of the meaning of life germinates in the human soul. It germinates in the relationship with the mother and the father, who are not masters of their children’s lives but are God’s primary collaborators in the transmission of life and faith.

“Each one of us needs fertile ground in which to sink our own roots, a ground rich with nutritious substances that make a person grow: these are values, but above all they are love and faith, the knowledge of God’s true face, the awareness that he loves us infinitely, faithfully, patiently, to the point of giving his life for us. Divine love, which unites a man and a woman and makes them become parents is capable of generating in the hearts of their children the seed of faith, that is, the light of the deep meaning of life.”

Profound words of wisdom and, most certainly, food for thought.

All are welcome to come by Holy Name Catholic Church and spend a little time in appreciation of our new statue and perhaps a little quiet meditation on the gifts that our families are to each of us, as well as a prayer of appreciation for the gifts that our families are to our community and to the whole world.


Father Jim Heiser is affiliated with Holy Name Catholic Church in Sheridan.

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