Protecting our children

The Advocacy & Resource Center is hosting a free workshop this weekend called “7 Steps To Protecting Our Children.”

This workshop is designed to empower people to prevent child sexual abuse. The free­ workshop will teach parents and caregivers how to:
— minimize opportunity
— stay alert
— make a plan
— act on suspicions
— get involved
The workshop will be presented by Chandra Wyman, a certified trainer for the Stewards of Children. Stewards of Children is the only nationally available program scientifically proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes and change child-protective behaviors.
All workshop materials are free and provided to you by the Advocacy & Resource Center in cooperation with the Sheridan County Sex Offender Containment Team.

As a parent, I always want to learn more about how I can protect my children. As an advocate, I know the reality and costs of child sexual abuse in our community. Please clear your morning and plan on attending this free workshop.

I think you will be glad you came and hopefully leave with useful information that is practical.

It is Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Tongue River Valley Community Center in Dayton. Call us today at 672-7471 to reserve your spot and materials.

Our children are important enough to attend a three-hour workshop that could really benefit you as their parent or care-giver.

Rhonda Weber
Victim Witness Coordinator at the Advocacy & Resource Center

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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..