Pressure cookers, Protecting ourselves

I am pretty sure that my four foot, eight-inch tall Italian grandmother who immigrated from Italy at age 14 was not a terrorist. But, when our family attended Sunday dinner at her house, there was always a good chance that she used a “pressure cooker” that day.

It has been determined that the act of terrorism on the Boston Marathon was caused by a bomb constructed from a pressure cooker. So now what, does the U.S. Government impose a immediate background check on all sales of pressure cookers across the country? Do they mandate registration for all those that buy pressure cookers? Do they limit the quantity of pressure cooker sales to individuals or ban the manufacturing of “high capacity” pressure cookers? Does the absurdity of this kind of government regulations seem somewhat realistic?

What next, do we make owning or inheriting a pressure cooker a felony? What if we try and buy a pressure cooker at a garage sale? Is additional government pressure cooker control really going to protect us citizens from ourselves?

The unfortunate events in Boston demonstrate that as humans we determine our fate. What if those immigrants to American decided to do something constructive with their pressure cookers? What if the millions of dollars that they cost the American public to terrorize us was used to contribute to our economic recovery with increasing our gross national production? The answers to these questions may be completed in something as simple a pressure cooker.

Joseph Barani

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Copyright © 2015 The Sheridan Press or Sheridan Newspapers, Inc..